This Thursday with new board games and meetings fortunately wasn’t quite as busy as last week, and plans are made for tomorrow’s board games.

New board games

This morning John came in from the game depository with a box of games for me, and I wasn’t disappointed. The remainder of the morning was spent working through them, turning punched cardboard in to gaming tokens, and sleeving and bagging most of the gaming contents.

Power Grid and Flash Point were easy to sleeve for only a few cards were involved there. The boxes for Shadow Hunters and 7 Wonders are well designed to allow sleeved cards to fit within them, and the Stone Age game being perhaps the most beautiful of them, has a large box that easily accommodates everything.

One particular game though, Eldritch Horror, has so much that it’s difficult just to store it normally, so the inner sleeve was quickly removed so that sleeves cards and a wide range of other bits and pieces have enough room in the box. This is I can tell going to be the sort of game that takes of tables and the living room, as you scatter pieces around all over the place.

Now it’s just a matter of working through their manuals tonight to gain some idea of how they’re played.

Afternoon meetings

After the community lunch it was off to Christine Products to help resolve some issues out there with DataTech. I was a bit worried about this for it’s been some time since I was last out there and I didn’t want something untoward to interfere with my plans for another meeting later on that day, but fortunately the timing of things ended up working out all right.

The meeting about the Presbyterian Church website went well, and has resulted in being able to display some good progress on things. I’ve also organised to have much of the future textual content written out for me beforehand, so that they don’t end up wasting more of their money by having me do that for them.

I’m okay with transcribing the content myself, but I think that my time can be more beneficially spent for them by focusing on actual website work. So by having the content arrive in a ready to use manner, things can work out more beneficially for all concerned.

Game plans for tomorrow

The instruction manuals were poured over tonight, and I found that plans for a two-player session tomorrow won’t be happening with Shadow Hunters as that’s a four-player minimum, and while 7 Wonders can be played by two-players, they advice that we play with at least three to start with to first allow us to understand the core mechanics. before attempting the two-player version where you both take turns for a third virtual player. Eldritch Horror will be staying home too, for it seems to be a highly complex game that’s best learned first with plenty of space around, before attempting to teach it to others.

The other games looks to be just right. There’s Power Grid which is where you bid with other players for power stations, buy fuel and houses, then gain money for how many houses you can supply power to. Stone Age is an excellent worker-placement resource-gathering game, and Flash Point is an interesting cooperative game that is challenging and works on many levels.

The only game left to get sorted out now is Ra: The Dice Game, which shouldn’t be too difficult to do at all (cue: famous last words, et al).