Protective sleeves are finally obtained from Comics Compulsion, and Knights of Badassdom has plenty to offer, including Peter Dinklage and some Summer Glau action.

Protective sleeves

Thanks to last weeks Easter holiday I wasn’t able to get to Comics Compulsion on my Sunday trip to Northlands, so today I headed out all prepared.

I had the Builders & Traders expansion with me that they are working on getting a replacement for, and brought along with me the Munchkin cards and the cards for Firefly.

Sadly nothing had been done about getting a replacement expansion in, but they were in stock of protective sleeves. So half the afternoon was spent sleeving up some 300 or so cards. By the end of it all the piles of cards were slippery as eels, which came under control only when nicely contained within the confines of ziplocked bags.

Knights of Badassdom

Knights of Badassdom (2013) is a strangely enticing tale about a gamer called Joe (Ryan Kwanten) who’s getting over  breakup with Beth (Margarita Levieva). Joe’s roommates, the Hung (Peter Dinklage) the dwarf and the Eric (Steve Zahn) the cleric take him on a bender, and when Joe awakens he’s dressed up in full armor at a campsite with LARPers – live action role players – where things take a turn for the worse.

Eric is keen to reach 27th level cleric status, and chants over Joe from a book of unreadable text that he found. Little did he know though but that book was magical, and a demon is summoned forth, who takes on the visage of his ex-girlfriend.

It’s strange to see Peter Dinklage in something like this now after his work with Game of Thrones, but the movie was filmed the year before Game of Thrones and has been held off from release for several years. Even so though, with Gwen (Summer Glau) and Ronni (Jimmi Simpson) as the snivelling gamemaster helping things along, there’s plenty to enjoy and perhaps identify with, for anyone that’s had an interest in dungeons and dragons.

Knights_of_Badassdom_DVD_Cover Knights_of_Badassdom_poster