England Street police on Friday

At the Monday meeting this morning I learn what all the ambulances and 9 police cars were all doing on England Street the other day. Apparently some poor girl cut her throat, resulting in a large response from local authorities. The numbers may have been quite excessive, but it was also something of a slow day too.

Office work

Later on after doing the art gallery finances, I manage to convince them that having the office key down at the community centre would be a good idea. That way, the internal door through to the office/shop area can be kept bolted on the office side, to help restrict easy access through to that area when there’s nobody there.

That, along with some CRC for the lock on the back gate, which has been getting quite stiff when trying to secure the hasp, will see the majority of our security issues dealt with and resolved.

Board games

A solo play variant for Power Grid was tried out today, and ends up being quite the successful play. It’s still quite challenging with lots of strategic decisions to be made. Tomorrow Stone Age should be able to be explored in such a similar manner too.

Later on when John came back to deal with the unusable tarot sleeves and some damage to the 7 Wonders game, he arrived with a box of games for the community centre, including:

Most of these are old stock that don’t sell, but Bombay seems to have some promise to it. I should be able to give it a decent look at in a few days time.