Donated board games of Fiji and Bombay are given an initial going over today, and issues with sending emails from out in Oxford get fixed up.

Board games

Some of the donated board games were given a good look at today.


Fiji is a jewel-bidding game where you bid according to condition and effect cards, and whoever achieves certain goals of minimum or maximum jewels remaining ends up winning some shrunken heads.

A part of the interesting strategy involved is that you may not want to go for the primary conditions, for people who are tied with the same amount end up cancelling others out, so reading your opponent and trying to judge what they’re going to do can help you to go a long way.


Bombay is a beautiful trading game set in India, where drawing from a random draw of colors from a bag determines the prices, and you pick up bales of silk from different places on your elephant and sell them to palaces, the sale price of which depends on the demand that the palace has for different colours.

You can also use silk to build palaces and receive money and bonuses for people passing through them, but the option to do nothing on your turn and receive money in return seems to completely break things. It’s possible to just do nothing on your turn and end up with more money than others racing around on the board, trying to get some trading done.

There are several things about this game that give me the feeling that I should really like this game, but there’s something about the gameplay that causes me to think that something is missing that would make it quite special.

I’ll try these out with others tomorrow though and see what more we can make of things.

Oxford email

This evening it was out to Oxford to visit the family and help them to resolve an issue with sending email. The email client was unable to send emails, but receiving was occurring fine.

A while ago we had set it up to receive from their ISP, and due to sending limits it was set up to send via gmail instead. Someone from their ISP had gone through and checked that the settings were all correct, which they seemed to be, after which I came along to try and resolve things.

Their google account password had been changed recently because they forgot their password, which caused the problem with sending emails to occur. Setting up their email program with the correct password helped to resolve that part of the problem.

A separate issue though that ended up confusing things is that their email security was set up to send mail on the unsecured port 25, whereas gmail requires secure authentication to occur on port 465 instead. After setting up that side of things everything then fell in to place and works now like a charm.