Today I get some dice issues sorted out with Shadow Hunters and Tiny Epic Kingdoms, and a Traders & Builders expansion to replace an incomplete one sold to me is still being waited on.

Replacing Shadow Hunters die

After having a good game of Shadow Hunters on Friday, we realised that the four-sided dice that comes with the game makes an enjoyable game difficult, because the number is on the bottom while the 6-sided dice is read from the top.

4-sided die - read on the base

4-sided die – harder to read from base

Replacing the d4 with one that has numbers on top is a good idea, and Comics Compulsion have good d4 dice with numbers at the top, from which I can resolve the issue with Shadow Hunters die.


4-sided dice, easier to read on top

4-sided dice, easier to read on top

Tiny Epic Kingdoms

While out at Comics Compulsion it’s also a good opportunity to get some d12 dice too to use with my print&play version of Tiny Epic Kingdoms.

I’ve been planning to lean it out today, but some part of my home-built version of it could stand to be improved. As such, with plans to get some more D&D dice later on, I can get a head-start now with some D12’s to be used with Tiny Epic Kingdoms, and then get the rest of the ones in that set later on when the fully made version of Tiny Epic Kingdoms is sent out to me in September.

Traders & Builders expansion

The above was just a bonus to my trip out to Comics Compulsion, for my main reason for going there was to check on an existing issue with Carcassonne’s Builders & Traders expansion. The one that was sold to me is missing a piece.

I’m told that their supplier will have a replacement in some time next week, so things aren’t resolved there yet, but hopefully by next week things will be back on the right path.