Controversy over Brave and Roar songs has resulted in an effective combination of the two.

Brave Roar

Sara Bareilles – Brave

At the Monday pub quiz I was reminded about the song Brave by Sara Bareilles. I’ve been mishearing the lyrics as “I want to see you baby” when instead after watching the inspirational video they’re much better understood as being “I want to see you be brave”.

Katy Perry – Roar

There has been some controversy over the Brave song though, for it sounds somewhat similar to Katy Perry’s Roar

Instead though of one person claiming that the stole took their song, they’re both being real gracious about it, with Sara for example saying:

All love everybody, all love

which is beautiful.

Brave Roar mashup

Some people have created mashups that combine both songs into one too. Mashups are created even of highly different songs, but with two like this that are fairly similar and both being favourite songs, it’s worthwhile finding out what’s been done with them.

Of the mashups that I was exploring earlier on today, this one by Earlvin is very well done indeed.