The bag search policy is gone over with the manager of Supercheap Auto, and Github is used for version management of DataTech.

Bag search policy

The manager of Supercheap Auto and I shared our views with each other in regard to their policy of searching customers with bags, even laptop ones.

The policy came about as a low-cost way to prevent theft of stock. I believe though that it’s only going to catch the dumbest of criminals out there.

Anyone who’s going to steal something will realise that a bag is going to be searched and will use other techniques to hide things – at which point you still need standard security practices such as security cameras and staff trained to keep an eye on customers.

Without such staff training and other suitable security measures, they’re going to end up accosting everyone who carries a bag, accusing them of theft. This just results in customers going elsewhere, leaving only those who don’t mind being treated as if they are criminals.

Instead of having decent security, the cost-cutting measure of doing bag searches only serves to speed up the decline.

Github for DataTech

I’ve been collecting several versions of the DataTech on my computer over the past year, and it’s long past time to do something about this. So the leap in to version management has been made by putting some of it up on github.

I’m not going to worry all that much about historical stuff just yet. Instead I’m going to put up the stable version of the code I’m working from, so that changes that I make from here are kept good track of.

At the very least this will help to alleviate concerns that I have about being the only one with a copy of the code, and it will help to ensure that future changes to the program are managed well.