An image gallery is worked on for the Presbyterian church, and a delayed BP voucher sees me through to a good book group evening.

Presbyterian gallery

Updates to the planned Presbyterian website were made today, with photos from Monday being edited and made ready for the slideshow gallery.

1What I found surprising is the extremely large aspect ratio to the gallery images, being close to a 3:1 ratio.

Vertically cropping them to size becomes challenging, and results in a desire for wider shots having been taken too.

header-logo[1]After working on a good selection of photos for the gallery, and putting together a logo for them, it was time for a meeting about my progress. Some refinements are wanted such as repositioning some shots to show the entrance doors, so plans for another visit are made, hopefully on a sunnier day too.

Book group

Tonight’s book group was held at Gail’s in Bishopdale.

I ended up having some trouble along the way at a BP service station, using a petrol voucher to pay for petrol. Honestly you wouldn’t think that it’s so difficult, but somehow the cashier manages to refuse me every single time, offering this time to pour more petrol and overflowing on to the forecourt.

Regardless of that though, I was going to be late for the 6:30 PM starting time and realised that it’s better to be there late than sorry, and after making it there some 10 minutes late I find out on arrival that I’m the first to arrive with others being fashionably late.

We ended up going over a whole host of interesting books, including Life After Life which is about reliving your life over and over again in wartime Britain, and The Corn Maiden and Other Nightmares, which sounds to be promising indeed.