Today a coup de grâce finished things off nicely at the Parklands D&D event.

Coup de grâce

The DND campaign that I’m involved with in Parklands became somewhat interesting today, for I am a halfling thief ended up preventing a fight from happening today.

The party I’m with came across ten lizardmen on an Aztec-like stepped temple. While the party negotiated with their leader, using me as a translator, we convinced him that we didn’t desecrate anything below from where we emerged. When a lizardman was sent down to investigate and report back on their findings, I sneaked around behind the group and up to their leader, in order to achieve some up close negitiations of my own.

Due to a stupidly good roll, I ended up losing myself in the finery of his collar, and the party still using me as translator convinced the leader that we’re just lost and looking for a map. When attempts to teach them agriculture occurred we were allowed to go, and I remained with them to perform a coup de grâce on the entire lot when they were sleeping.

Things went amazingly well, and my character Garret ends up returning back to the party still dripping from the evening’s activity.