Success! The unknown combination lock is now freed, no longer futilely attaching nothing to the bike stand.


Lock is now free and able to achieve its destiny.

Things weren’t looking good

On Thursday I began with combinations starting from 3000 and worked my way through all 5000 combinations up to 8000.

Friday as according to plan, another 3000 were checked and despondency began to set in. After all, several of the attempts in the 6000 range were more difficult to turn than others, and might-well contain the code if it’s not to be found in the last two thousand.

Tonight on the third and hopefully last night I was realising that if I didn’t find it in these last 2000 combos, I would have to check ranges where things felt different with the dials. If it wasn’t found there then I would have to start all over again, second-guessing myself about why it wasn’t found the first time.



Reset on the lock

Today though it felt like I had barely got started with the last lot to be checked, and it unlocked at 1910.

I’m happy with revealing the number because the lock has a reset, allowing you to set the combination to anything at all, and now has a different release code.

My mistake?

I now don’t think that it was wise to try to second-guess, and start checking the combinations from 3000. If I had started from 0000 on Thursday I would have had the lock easily on the day. However, that’s all 20/20 in hindsight now, only after knowing that the combination was 1910.


It’s all done now, and the manager/staff in the movie theatre were pleased too with how things went. I could have easily got the same type of lock off the shelf for around $40 but that wasn’t the point of the exercise.

The poor little lock that was ineffectually attaching nothing to the bike stand is now fully capable of doing its work again now, and that’s the important thing.