Sometimes those MP3’s have TAG troubles that need to be fixed.

I have collected MP3’s from a wide variety of sources over the years, frequently in efforts to replace albums that I have previously owned.

I use a music program called FooBar2000 for two main reasons

  • it can use all of the WinAmp Visualisations, such as MilkDrop visualisation
  • the ReplayGain feature customizes the perceived playback volume to the same level

That ReplayGain feature though doesn’t work though when Foobar2000 can’t edit the MP3 tag of a song. Sometimes it’s because the song is readonly, and sometimes it’s because the song has a faulty tag.

Mp3Tag is a useful program to fix this issue. Just updating the tag is not enough to fix the problem, so you need to remove the tag completely, before adding it back again.

It’s just a matter of recording down the details of the song, removing the tag, and adding back the details that you recorded down.

When the removed then added tag details have been saved, the MP3 tag can then be updated by FooBar2000 when you run ReplayGain on the song. Problem solved.