Thanks to the many discussions that I’ve had on the atheist vs theist debate page, the issue of spiritual experiences has arisen on several occasions. Instead of saying that no such things occur it helps to recognize that spiritual experiences do occur. Interpreting meaning from those experiences is another topic, but there are several separate sets of evidences that help to support the fact of spiritual experiences.

  • Indian mystics
  • Near-death experiences
  • Amazonian drink
  • Kundalini spirit
  • DMT chemical
  • Bible stories

Each of these topics can be incredibly complex and I’m not going to do justice to any of them. This is a stepping off point from which to explore each in greater detail instead.

Indian mystics

Indian mystics when they meditate, have spiritual experiences that they attribute to their meditation. Their meditation stresses the body and activates the third eye, by way of secretions from the pineal gland.

Near-death experiences

Near death our body is highly stressed, and research has resulted in finding that the pineal gland causes near-death experiences.

Amazonian drink

The Amazonian drink called Ayahuasca is made by combining and cooking two different types of plants, one that is high in DMT, and other that temporarily inhibits our mono-amine oxidase enzyme, which allows more of the DMT to be absorbed by our body.

Kundalini spirit

The kundalini spirit is considered to be a snake coiled Round the top of your head, and when someone experiences the kundalini spirit the snake uncoils from your head and works its way down your body, giving you extreme feelings of spiritual love.

DMT chemical

The DMT chemical has been created in the lab and when injected results in very strong spiritual experiences. There are places like the DMT-Nexus that guide you through the process, and

Bible stories

Acacia wood is all over bible stories including the burning bush, and Noah’s ark, and acacia is known to contain high levels of DMT. Some Bible scholars that also believe that people in those stories were under the influence too.